Mt Albert Grammar Visit GV!

Posted in: Green Valley | 05 Sep 2019

On the 29th of August, Green Valley had a visit from 28 Agriculture & Business students from Mt Albert Grammar, who were keen to get stuck in and see how we run the place!

First up, we headed to our calving shed to introduce our many new additions. Presently we have new calves born every day and the students had a turn at feeding them with a bottle and giving lots of pats, as well as many selfies! Next stop was a tour of our factory, where we pump the milk directly from our milking shed, under the road and fresh into a bottle every day.

Last stop was to visit the rotary milking shed for a close up view of our girls in action! The smell of molasses was pungent and the cows seemed very interested in all their new visitors!

The students ended their tour with a final chat and a beautiful cold Green Valley Chocolate Milk. They piled back onto their bus and headed to Auckland, with what we hope are some great memories and a fresh view of Green Valley!

Thank you for coming along!

Love, the GV  Team.

Students    Feeding calf

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