Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum volume for a production run through your Factory

MOQ – Ideally customer should be able to meet our 2,000L requirement (unless it works for us and we can add on to a existing product production (same milk type / same bottle/container size).

Do you manufacture Fresh milk for Export?


What Shelf Life your Fresh milk produced for Export?

15 days for export, 17 days if validated in New Zealand prior to freighting. Our Milk is not UHT treated.

How do I organise labels for my products?

We will coordinate with you as to your requirements and what is required to meet the various food standards – this is at owners cost, GVD will direct this process on behalf of the owner.

Do your manaufature UHT Milk?

Green Valley Dairies is a 100% fresh milk site.

What is the bottle size and types available?

Export packaging options are 1L PET other sizes available but upon consultation. Domestic all sizes available that we currently offer

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