“If you want people to remember you…
do something different”

The team here at Green Valley have always had the understanding that we are not just making delicious milk to go on people’s breakfast every morning - although we do that very well too… Our mission is simple - Be innovative & provide excellence in the Dairy Industry.

We work every day to be a solution provider to our customers – often coming up with innovative ways to make their lives easier even when they didn’t recognise they had a problem. It was from this line of thought that the Barista range of products was developed.

One of life’s simple pleasures is a superb cup of coffee! Delicious rich coffee topped with a luxurious layer of creamy foam is hard to beat. There is nothing more disappointing then when the foam doesn’t hold its form or disappears after only a few seconds!

To create the foam, thousands of tiny air bubbles are injected into milk & the milk proteins are destabilised & start to wrap around the air bubbles, creating a protective coating that keeps the bubbles from bursting… foam!

Sometimes the protein content in milk can vary naturally depending on the time of year, weather conditions & the feed the cows are on. What the Foodservice industry & consumers are looking for is consistency.

Introducing the Barista range of milks. A special blend of milk developed to perform all year round regardless of season meaning that our customers can depend on our milk to be creamy, smooth and delicious every time.

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