Green Valley Dairies wishes to acknowledge World Milk Day (1st June)

Posted in: Green Valley | 27 May 2024

World Milk Day is an international day established by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations to recognise the importance of milk as a global food.

It has been observed on June 1 each year since 2001. The day is intended to provide an opportunity to bring attention to activities that are connected with the dairy sector.

The Day provides an opportunity to focus attention on milk and raise awareness of dairy's part in healthy diets, responsible food production, and supporting livelihoods and communities. This is supported by FAO data showing that more than one billion people's livelihoods are supported by the dairy sector and that dairy is consumed by more than six billion people globally.

Green Valley Dairies and Marphona Farms are a New Zealand family-owned Dairy Farm and Milk Processing company based just south of Auckland, in the Waikato at Mangatawhiri.

Occupying over 2000 hectares, milking over 3000 cows, and with a modern processing plant situated on our farm, we produce Non-organic and certified Organic milks.....Fresh from cows to the bottle to you, an awesome example of the taste of New Zealand’s pure fresh milk from grass fed cows grazing on beautiful open paddocks.

Our milk can be found in the cereal eaten for Breakfast; in the Coffee bought from the café on the way to work; as an ingredient in the meals you have for Lunch and Dinner as well as that relaxing evening drink to help you sleep... We are proud to produce such a nutritious and versatile product as Milk and to be part of such an industry.... Happy World Milk Day from Green Valley Dairies

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