100% recycled waste plastic

Posted in: Green Valley | 21 Nov 2023

Green Valley Dairies is proud to be partnering with Future Post to create 100% recycled plastic fence posts for farms, as this dovetails nicely into our overall focus around Sustainability practices and producing our quality Milk in the most efficient manner with the least impact on the environment as possible.

We have recently launched our Green Valley Dairies Udder Way Milk Keg dispensing system for Cafés and large volume Milk users.  Our Kegs are reusable with a useful life of at least eight years, after which these too are sent to be recycled.  Each Keg used removes 9 x 2litre Plastic Milk Bottles from use.  Partnering with Future Post complements our reasons for launching our Green Valley Dairies Udder Way Milk Kegs as this helps our customers who are unable to utilise a Keg system - yet want to dispose of their used Milk Bottles in an environmentally friendly manner.

For more information regarding Green Valley Dairies, our Milk, our products, The Udder Way Kegs, and regular updates as to how many fence posts our used Milk Bottles sent to Future Post have made, please visit our Website:- www.gvd.co.nz or contact Steven Gardner – Sales Manager.

Email steve.gardner@gvd.co.nz

To find out more about Future Post visit: www.futurepost.co.nz


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