Cafe Blog #1

Posted in: Barista | 14 Feb 2018

Along with our fantastic new look website the team here at Green Valley want to do something outside the box & use this forum as a place to introduce people to the amazing foodservice industry here in New Zealand along with the passionate people we are lucky enough to call our customers & partners in milk.

Part of our point of difference here at Green Valley is the fact that we believe we see things a little differently from others. We want to be part of our customer’s story. A partnership of kind ensuring that the consumer receives the very best product they possibly can made by passionate people dedicated to their craft.

There will always be those that think milk is just milk and while we are very happy to support them too there are a growing number of chefs, baristas & consumers in New Zealand who appreciate that all milk is not created equal.

We love these guys… These are the people who make hundreds of coffees a day & then go home to practice making dragons out of froth so tomorrow when a customer comes in they will have a magic start to their day. The chef who uses their one day off a week to work on a new recipe that has been hanging around in the back of their mind or a person who just had the creamiest, richest, most delicious coffee ever & wants to share it with others…

This is exciting & we love to be a part of it.

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