18 Litre The Udder Way Kegs

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18 Litre The Udder Way Kegs

"The Udder Way" is the creation of Edward Crick (Ed) who grew frustrated at the hundreds of milk bottles he used every week in his coffee shops.  Watching these bottles get taken away and knowing that only half ever get recycled became an issue he wanted to fix.

It needed to fit in seamlessly with any current process.  Ed created a keg which can be connected to existing milk dispensing units or a simple tap system can be provided, allowing baristas to easily pour milk without the waste and clutter of plastic milk bottles.

Each Udder Way Keg holds 18 litres of milk, the same amount as NINE 2 litre milk bottles, and has a lifespan of at least 8 years before being recycled and turned back into Kegs.  The Kegs not only increase efficiencies in milk dispensing, but it also reduces the amount of single use plastics and pollution in the environment.  A big win for the dairy industry, hospitality sector and the environment!

Available in New Zealand via Green Valley Dairies who share the same vision of maximining sustainability within the Milk market whilst also delivering the high quality organic and non-organic Milk Green Valley Dairies is known for.

The Kegs have been designed so that they can be easily:

  • Stacked and stored                   • Loaded on milk trolleys       

  • Handled by an individual          • Transported & tracked

  • Stored in conventional & commercial fridges            

  • Easily cleaned                         • Re-used time & time again

A QR code unique to each Keg provides tracking via The Udder Way app enabling us to keep track of where your kegs are, what’s in your kegs, the use by dates and the amount of single use plastics that you’re saving from being produced.  

For more information regarding Green Valley Dairies range of Milk available in Kegs please contact our Sales Manager Steve Gardner email: steve.gardner@gvd.co.nz

For more information regarding The Udder Way Kegs visit: www.theudderway.com

Newspaper Articles: 

The Udder Way: Reusable milk keg could eliminate up to 10,000 single-use bottles a year - NZ Herald

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Nutritional information

Average Quality per 100ml

Energy kj
Protein g
Fat - total g
Fat - Saturated g
Carbohydrated - Total g
Carbohydrated - Sugars g
Sodium g
Calcium g

*Recommended dietry intake
Ingredients: Homogenised pasteurised milk. Store below 4ºC

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